Add your prospects to the list, enter information about them. You can later modify this information, delete them from your list.

Importing a prospect batch

On the page of the prospect list, you will find an ‘Import list’ button.

This feature allows you to import a list of prospect from an XLS file (Excel document) or a CSV file.

The first row of this file must contain the field names (like “company name”, “first name”, “field”...) and the others have to contain your data.

If you have several sheets in your XLS file, the application will try to import data of all sheets and will warn you if a sheet seems to be empty.

Import options

A select list allows you to precise the language in which the file is written (for now only English or French).

django-prospect can deal with duplicates.

Every time you try to insert a new duplicate, the application is able to check if it is a duplicate, that is, an entry that has already been saved in the database. A new entry will be detected as a duplicate if it has the same company name or both the same first name and last name as an existing entry.

You can choose between three options to tell django-prospect how to deal with duplicates:

  • Ignore duplicates. (Don’t insert entries detected as duplicates.)
  • Prompt me. (You will be able to skip or modify every entry detected as duplicate.)
  • Allow duplicates. (The application will not try to detect duplicates at all. So if ther is a duplicate, it will be inserted in the database.)

Field name associations

The application will try to associate each field name of the first row of your file with a field name of the database.

For example, if you have a column named “town”, its data will automatically be saved in the “city” field of the database using a list of defined word. You will be warned for each field name that failed to be associated with a field name in the database.

Feedbacks and error handling

During the import of each entry, you will be warned of every error or ambiguous case, and you will asked what to do.

For each entry, you will then be able to edit it and then save it, or to skip it. At any time you can decide to give up and cancel all the rest of entry insertions.

Activity summary

Every time you give or receive a phone call, an e-mail, a fax, or you take part in a meeting, you can go to the detail page of the affected prospect and add a new activity report.

The detail page of each prospect also displays a summary of the last activities you had with that prospect. You can then display all the activities clicking on the button “Show all”.